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Face Recognition Attendance System source code

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Download Free Face Recognition Attendance System with source code. This project attendance monitoring system using face recognition we have developed an automatic attendance system which can be used in every organization to mark the attendance. This project’s attendance monitoring system proves highly beneficial in educational institutions that require daily student attendance monitoring. The method developed in this project provides a secure and effective way of recording attendance.  This whole mechanism performs two steps, first detect the face and then then recognize the detected face.

Face Recognition Attendance System

The structure is a sophisticated framework that utilizes cutting-edge facial recognition technology for efficient attendance management. So, this system comprises essential components, including data acquisition through high-quality cameras, feature extraction that analyzes and converts facial features into mathematical templates, a database to store authorized individuals’ templates, real-time recognition and verification, a user-friendly interface for administrators and users, along with alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed.

Security measures, such as anti-spoofing features, safeguard the system against fraudulent attempts. Furthermore, integration with other software and hardware, including HR management systems and access control systems, enhances its functionality. This structure offers unparalleled advantages, such as high accuracy, rapid processing, and the eradication of proxy attendance, making it a prevalent choice in educational institutions, workplaces, and across diverse industries seeking a robust, secure, and efficient solution for attendance tracking and management.

How to run

Install Netbeans 8.0 or above
Download SQL Yog to setup the database


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