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Dance on Human Pose Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence

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Dance on Human Pose Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence with Complete Tutorial & Source Code Download Free.

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A Human Pose Skeleton speaks to the direction of an individual in a graphical organization. Basically, it is a bunch of directions that can be associated with depict the posture of the individual. Every co-ordinate within the skeleton is understood as a neighborhood or a joint, or a keypoint. A substantial association between two sections is known as a couple.

Model Structure

OpenPose first identifies parts having a place with each individual in the picture, trailed by allotting parts to unmistakable people. Appeared underneath is the engineering of the OpenPose model.

The model takes as info a shading picture of size w × h and produces, as yield, the 2D areas of keypoints for every individual in the picture. you can download free source  code


  • Python3
  • Keras
  • Librosa
  • OpenCV
  • Pytube3
  • Tensorflow
  • Moviepy

Human Pose Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence 

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