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Object Tracking Using Python and OpenCV Source Code

Download Free Project Object Tracking Using Python and OpenCV source code and documentation with complete guidance. OpenCV is an Open Source Commuter Vision Library that has interfaces for C++ , Python and Java, and supports Windows, Macos, Mac OS, iOS , and Android. So it can quickly be installed with Python and Linux framework in Raspberry Pi. And Raspberry Pi can be used with OpenCV and connected camera to build several applications for real-time image processing, such as face recognition , face lock, object monitoring, car number plate recognition, home surveillance device etc.

Face identification and recognition are the most relevant machine vision use case, they are used to do amazing tasks including

  • Self Awareness
  • Facial recognition
  • Situation labelling
  • Robotics Navigation
  • Auto-driving vehicles
  • Recognition for Handwriting
  • The prevention of infections and cancer
  • Identifying features in pictures on satellite



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