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Invisibility Cloak with code & Tutorial

Written by genialcode

As a harry potter fan I have had a childhood dream about wearing a mask about invisibility. So it turns out that I can now really satisfy my childhood dream using basic image manipulation techniques. This coding turns a red fabric into an invisibility cloak.
In this article, we will learn how to use basic computer vision strategies in OpenCV to build our own ‘Invisibility Cloak’. We wrote this code in Python here because it provides an extensive and adequate library for creating this application. You can get below Invisibility Cloak with code.

How it Works?

The approach is opposite to the Green Screening. We delete backdrop in green screening so we’ll drop the foreground frame here.

  • Capture and archive the underlying frame
  • Using color detection and segmentation algorithm to detect the given colour.
  • Segment the colored component which is identified by creating a mask.
  • To build a mystical effect produce the final enhanced production.

Invisibility Cloak with code

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