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Some Benefits & Risks of Artificial intelligence

Technology is an important part of human development and growth. Artificial intelligence (AI) is such a technology, and it is being hyped.  Surely you have heard of Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. Do you often use Google’s voice search function? Both of these applications use artificial intelligence technology that can make our lives easier. Whether it’s making a call or setting a reminder, AI is paving the way for a more efficient life.

As technology becomes a part of our daily lives, artificial intelligence has become the subject of debate and discussion.

So let us take a closer look and see the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

Benefits of artificial intelligence

So far, all industries have opened the door to various advancements brought about by AI. However, we are witnessing this most important usage and will see it in the coming years in the digital marketing, healthcare, and financial industries.

  • Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

If you have recently used the chat to contact customer service, there is a high probability that you have been chatting with a chatbot, and you may not even be aware of this fact. Thanks to AI, customer service can now provide customers with 24/7 service to answer their questions outside of normal working hours.

Artificial intelligence can also benefit digital marketing in many ways because it can automate many other tasks, such as email and paid advertising campaigns. AI also helping marketers to predict customer behavior and provide sales forecasts etc.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Another unique way that artificial intelligence benefits our lives is through its use in healthcare. We have recently witnessed after AI trained better than human experts because in reading breast X-rays, the performance is better than six artificial intelligence radiologists and recognised breast cancer.

It is now possible to analyze images in a few seconds through computer algorithms, so AI can significantly increase the speed of diagnosis.

  • Artificial intelligence in Finance

The financial and banking industries have long recognised the advantages of artificial intelligence, and now the technology is implemented in a way that benefits both parties.

  • Artificial intelligence in Decision making

The complete lack of emotion in machines makes them more efficient, making the right decisions quickly.

  • Implementation of Artificial intelligence in Dangerous situations

In certain situations where personal safety is vulnerable, a machine equipped with a predetermined algorithm can be used. Nowadays, scientists are using complex machines to study the seabed, making it difficult for humans to survive.

Risks of Artificial intelligence

  • Causing Unemployment

As for the actual risk potential of today’s AI seems to cause the greatest concern is unemployment, which in some industries appears to be inevitable. Since machines can work 24*7 uninterruptedly, companies prefer to invest in machines compared to humans.

  • Invasion of privacy

Another issue of increasing concern is an invasion of privacy. The AI system can track user behavior anywhere-it can access their social media profiles, financial reports, health records, etc.

  • Dependence on machines

With the increasing dependence of humans on machines, we are in an era where it is difficult for humans to work without the help of AI.

  • Work restriction

AI machines are programmed to do certain jobs based on the training and programming they receive. It would be a huge mistake to rely on machines to adapt to the new environment because their thinking is limited to their trained algorithms.

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