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Node JS Complete Course PDF | Node.js

Node.js is an open source, cross-arrange runtime condition for making server-side and frameworks organization applications. Node.js applications written in JavaScript and ought to be run inside the Node.js runtime on OS X.
Node.js likewise gives a rich library of varied JavaScript modules which disentangles the event of web applications utilizing Node.js all things considered.

There are some Features that choose Node.js the foremost decision of programming designers.

Offbeat and Event Driven

All APIs of Node.js library implies a Node.js based server never trusts that an API will bring information back. The server moves to the next API within the wake of calling it and a warning component of Events of Node.js causes the server to urge a reaction from the past API call.


Being supported Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, Node.js library is quick in code execution.

Single Threaded however Highly Scalable

Node.js utilizes a solitary strung model with occasion circling. Occasion instrument encourages the server to react during a non-blocking way and makes the server exceptionally versatile instead of conventional servers which make constrained strings to affect demands. Node.js utilizes a solitary strung program and a uniform program offers support to an tons bigger number of solicitations than conventional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

No Buffering

Node.js applications never cushion any data. These applications essentially yield the knowledge in chunks.


Node.js is released through the MIT


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