6 Best Free iPhone Games That Are Actually Free

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With a multitude of games available on the App Store, iPhone users have access to a treasure trove of entertainment without spending a dime. These 6 best free iPhone games have been handpicked to provide you with endless fun and excitement.

More Stranger Things: The Game                                                                                                                   

Devotees of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things will love playing this free game for iPhone and iPad. And keeping in mind that it turned out to commend the dispatch of season 2, it’s as yet a fun, energizing, and free game that many individuals truly appreciate.

Utilizing designs from the year 1984, where the show happens, you’ll fathom astounds, visits areas from the show, and do different undertakings in this activity experience game. You’ll even discover remarkable capacities for each character. This game will give more established players some wistfulness, while the more youthful age appreciates following insights from the hit TV appear. More Stranger Things games is on the top of my 6 Best Free iPhone Games.

Gamestart Pixel Battle                                                                                                                                         

This was the official round of the authority “Gamestart 2015” tradeshow, it’s as yet a fun, free, retro shooter that is accessible for iPhone and iPad. It resembles a platformer arcade shooter blended with illustrations more established than Minecraft.

You’ll need to battle through progressively testing supervisors, levels, and issues as you fix broken amusements and open new stages. Gather stars and open progressively content while getting a charge out of the 16-bit designs and a retro soundtrack.

Mekorama                                                                                                                                                                   Next up is a fun atmospherical riddle game that is easygoing, quieting, and fun. Mekorama is like Monument Valley, which a huge number of individuals love, yet it’s totally free. Fundamentally, you’re chipping away at a word or level each one in turn, where you can change the edge and move the dimension around until you advance toward the finish of the riddle. You’ll appreciate some pleasant quiet music, expanding trouble, and 50 confusing mechanical dioramas. Help your little robot companion achieve the finish of each riddle, and all the more significantly, have some good times. It has unwinding ongoing interaction, collectible dimension cards, and enchanting robots. This game is totally free, however there is an in-application buy to give to the designer. That is everything, it doesn’t confine anything.


PewPew is essentially an alternate take (and free form) of the well known hit game Geometry Wars. It’s one of those multi-directional shooter diversions that is brimming with pandemonium. The illustrations are entirely straightforward, however we really appreciate the splendid Neon hues.

There are a few distinct dimensions and five novel game modes. Regardless of whether you’re battling rushes of adversaries like Geometry Wars: Dash, or taking a strike of approaching flame, you’ll most likely discover a mode that is agreeable. You can open new ships, check leaderboards, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Next up we have a moderate yet energizing puzzler game you’ll doubtlessly appreciate. You have a restricted measure of “ricochets” to finish each dimension, and you don’t need to stress over a clock. It’s tied in with thoroughly considering the circumstance and fathoming the riddle.

The illustrations are very negligible and basic, yet the ongoing interaction isn’t. Truth be told, it’s very testing as you endeavor to bob the ball to the greater circle.

For a free game it’s truly good, everything considered. It has a pleasant little style, feel, and 99 levels that will keep you occupied for a long time.

Shape Escape Series (Rusty Lakes)                                                                                                                

You’re at a lake and unearth a corroded old wood lodge, what do you do? All things considered, you stall out and need to manage a customary “escape” style game.

Corroded Lake Cube Escape is a progression of diversions for iPhone or Android that are totally free. You’ll be searching for hints covering up all over the place, managing riddles, and discovering arbitrary things until you make sense of where you are. Or then again, make sense of what’s happening so you can begin doing different riddles to discover out. They have numerous recreations on the application store that are every one of the somewhat bizarre, one of a kind, yet additionally really fun.

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