5 MS Word features that will take you to the next level

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Top MS Word features including speech-to-text functionality for seamless document creation. Experience voice-to-text capabilities in Microsoft Word apps or online. Enhance productivity with the best app similar to Microsoft Word, leveraging Windows Word online for efficient editing and collaboration in your documents.

Changing Selection Preference

Directly off the bat, before you even begin composing, inquire as to whether you need Word to consequently choose whole words when you make snap and-drag choices. Word has this element turned on as a default when you start up, which can demonstrate to be somewhat irritating when you need to choose and change a part of a word rather than the entire thing.

To change this alternative, under the Preferences menu, go to the Edit area and uncheck the container alongside “Select whole word while choosing content.”

Seeing changes and Edits

Microsoft Word enables you to effortlessly give electronic criticism, enabling you to take an advanced red pen to any record. By turning on Track Changes under the Review tab, you can see precisely what changes were made to the report at what time and who made them.

Write wherever you want without text boxes

In case you’re into odd designing, in the case of dealing with the structure of your free structure verse or simply need to blend things up a bit, Word enables you to effectively compose wherever you need on an archive without expecting to make a content box. Simply double tap on any clear piece of your archive and Word will begin a line and spot your cursor there.

Change capitalization

When you’re blasting through a paper before due date with your eyes on your console, you probably won’t see that you’ve coincidentally hit Caps Lock and just composed 15 shouting lines of promoted content. Rather than erasing everything, you can feature the content and go to the Home tab and quill down the “An a” catch and select which capitalization alternative you need.

Easily Creates Citations

For every one of the understudies and scientists out there, making a list of sources is the exact opposite thing you need to do when you complete your paper. For your works refered to page, Word has an answer for you. Under the Document Elements tab, click the Manage catch in the References segment, at that point select the second catch in that menu to see your references. To include a reference, click the in addition to catch.

So, these are top 5 MS Word features.

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